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hot water bottle

If like us, the hot water bottle is an essential accessory during your winter evenings, watching a series, reading a book or to heat your bed (before you throw yourself under the duvet), then we welcome you to our shop. .

The benefits of the hot water bottle are no longer to be proven.

The hot water bottle is a natural remedy to calm certain digestive, muscular or hormonal pains . They are also used to warm up during winter periods. They are ideal when you want to watch your favorite series while being warm or to preheat your bed in order to slip under the blanket, nice and warm.

Ecological, it is reusable at will. We take it to heart to choose durable and quality hot water bottles for you so that they bring you satisfaction and comfort when you need them.

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How to choose your hot water bottle?

The plush hot water bottle has a protective cover with the image of a cuddly toy and is ideal for children.

The electric hot water bottle is filled once and does not need to be emptied after each use. It charges between 8 and 12 minutes for 2 to 3 hours of heat.

The microwave hot water bottle prepares in just 2 to 3 minutes and provides 2 hours of heat . However, it cools faster.

The hot water bottle prepares more slowly than other hot water bottles. However, it lasts much longer (up to 8 hours of heat ).

Discover our hot water bottles

We have the hot water bottle you need.

We find for you, various types of hot water bottles to meet everyone's needs and preferences. Kids love plush hot water bottles . Colorful and fun, they will become an essential part of a good night's sleep. May also be suitable for older children! The electric hot water bottle heats up in less than 10 minutes and allows you to warm your hands thanks to its side pockets. Some opt for the microwave hot water bottle for its ease of use and practicality. Others prefer the traditional hot water bottle for the nostalgia and its ability to hold heat for long hours. You will certainly find on our shop, the one that is made for you.

Discover our hot water bottles
👉 Learn more about hot water bottles

Which hot water bottle to heat a bed?

To heat a bed, it is advisable to use a water bottle. This is the one that will bring you the most heat for the longest time.

What is the price of a hot water bottle?

The price of a hot water bottle varies depending on its type. In general, the price of a hot water bottle is around twenty euros.

Why put a hot water bottle on your stomach?

We put a hot water bottle on our belly when we have a stomach ache, especially if our digestion is difficult or during painful menstrual periods. The heat dulls the pain.

How to use a hot water bottle?

Simply fill it with hot water (not boiling), close it carefully and then place it against you to warm up or in your bed to sleep warm.

Why not put boiling water in a hot water bottle?

By putting boiling water in a hot water bottle, you risk burning yourself, especially when you are going to fill it, but also when it is placed against your skin.

How to have a hot water bottle?

Simply fill it with hot water (about 70°C) and then protect it with a protective cover that helps retain heat. If you don't have a cover, you can use a pillowcase.

Is it good to put a hot water bottle on your stomach?

Yes, if you are sick or in case of stomach ache, the hot water bottle acts on the nervous system to relax you and soothe the pain.

What is the lifespan of a hot water bottle?

A quality hot water bottle lasts more than ten years. It is a useful and inexpensive investment.

Where to put the hot water bottle?

Place the hot water bottle on the painful area such as the stomach or the neck. If you want to warm up, place it on your feet, against you or in your bed 10 minutes before going to sleep.

Is it dangerous to sleep with a hot water bottle?

No, if you take care to close your hot water bottle properly and if you do not lie on it.

What are the benefits of a hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle reduces pain and allows you to relax in a few minutes.

Is the hot water bottle dangerous?

No the hot water bottle is not dangerous. The greatest risk is that of getting burned. Just do not put boiling water.

Why does heat relieve pain?

The heat emitted by the hot water bottle will reach our nervous system and reduce pain.

Can you put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

The hot water bottle must be microwave compatible. Your hot water bottle should be PVC, not rubber.

What water temperature for a hot water bottle?

The ideal temperature is 70° Celsius (158° Fahrenheit)

How to use a pocket hot water bottle?

A pocket hot water bottle is used like a traditional hot water bottle. Except it's smaller.

How to refill a hot water bottle?

If it's an electric hot water bottle, just plug it into a power outlet. If it's a water or microwave hot water bottle, just fill it with water.