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Green hands hot water bottle

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Color: Elongated (large)
Ships From: China
Sale price25,99€
Favorise la détente et le bien-être Favorise la détente et le bien-être
Soulage efficacement les maux de ventre et de dos. Soulage efficacement les douleurs (maux de ventre et de dos)
Produit de qualité durable dans le temps. Produit de qualité durable dans le temps


Choose the green hand warmer to warm your cold fingers.

  • Material: silicon
  • Dimensions: 15x10x6 and 24x10x5cm
  • Green color
  • Weight: 200g
  • Capacity: 250 and 550 ml
  • Contains: 1 hot water bottle + 1 knitted protective cover

In winter or on cold days, the blood may circulate less efficiently in the hands and feet. Thus, it is very common to have cold hands . In certain activities that require the use of our fingers, such as writing, this can quickly become laborious.

The green hand hot water bottle is a simple remedy for this problem. Ready in two minutes in the microwave , it delivers up to 3 hours of heat. Enough to warm up your palms and fingers and resume normal activity. Its two different sizes correspond to everyone's needs. They are easy to use and easily transportable everywhere with you.

Recommendations : be careful not to heat the hot water bottle to more than 800w of power and for a maximum of 2 minutes , in order to guarantee the longevity of the silicone. If the water temperature is not hot enough, insert the water bag again for 1 minute.

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