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Why is the hot water bottle still so popular? After more than a century of existence, its material and its appearance have changed a lot. However, the hot water bottle remains an essential accessory in winter . On the one hand, it allows you to warm up effectively, but also to reduce or even eliminate certain pains .

Why use a hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle is a container in which hot water is poured (maximum 60°C to avoid possible burns) and allows heat to be released for several hours. The feeling of warmth brings many therapeutic benefits:

  • In case of stress or anxiety, the heat acts on the nervous system and makes it easier to relax.
  • Heat also reduces muscle pain . Very useful if you suffer from back pain or if your neck is painful.
  • If you have osteoarthritis , heat reduces tenderness and improves joint flexibility.
  • Heat also has an antispasmodic effect ( muscle spasms , mainly digestive and genito-urinary) . In case of stomach ache related to digestion or menstrual cycles, it effectively relieves pain.
  • Heat also offers psychological benefits by providing pleasure and comfort.

What are the benefits of a hot water bottle?

A hot water bottle offers many advantages:

  • an attractive price for all budgets
  • many varieties of colors and appearances
  • ideal size for easy storage
  • different materials (PVC, rubber, fabrics)
  • many possible uses

Can a hot water bottle be dangerous?

Despite its many benefits, the hot water bottle can sometimes be dangerous . To prevent potential accidents, a few precautions for use are recommended:

To avoid any risk of burns, be sure to fill your hot water bottle with hot water, but not boiling (usually between 40 and 60 degrees) and avoid direct contact with the skin. The ideal is to use a protective cover . Our plush hot water bottles are all sold with a faux fur or flannel cover. If you don't have a cover for your hot water bottle, a towel or pillowcase may be fine.

By taking certain precautions, the hot water bottle is an ally during winter periods. It allows you to easily warm up and fight against diseases and various ailments associated with this season. We invite you to discover our collections of hot water bottles to quickly benefit from its therapeutic virtues.

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