Soulager un mal de ventre avec une bouillotte

Suffering from a stomach ache can often be disabling and force you to stop what you were doing. The hot water bottle can be a temporary solution to calm cramps.

How does a hot water bottle work?

A hot water bottle is a rubber or PVC (thermoplastic) container into which hot water can be poured. Its insulating properties retain heat. The heat can only escape gradually through the wall and spreads by convection. The user thus benefits from a continuous release of heat over several hours.

Why put a hot water bottle on your stomach?

In contact with the skin, heat above 40°C will temporarily deactivate the chemical messengers responsible for informing the brain of pain, in the same way as analgesic drugs.

If you are suffering from a temporary stomach ache, the heat from the hot water bottle can be an effective treatment and pain relief solution.

The role of stress and anxiety in a stomach ache

Stress and anxiety can contribute to a stomach ache, and in some cases even make it worse. Their impact can be reduced by using a hot water bottle. Heat helps you relax by stimulating blood circulation in your body.

How to reduce anxiety with a hot water bottle?

Adding essential oils such as vanilla, lavender or rosemary can help with stress. A few drops in warm water releases a sweet, natural scent into the air that can help you relax.

It is also scientifically proven that thinking about a stomach ache, accentuates the pain by amplifying it. So, when the hot water bottle works by diffusing its heat on your belly, try to occupy your mind with an activity. You can, for example, watch a series or a film on your television or your tablet or read a book or a magazine.

Being comfortably installed will greatly promote the evacuation of stress. If you read, we advise you to use reading accessories such as a reading cushion . These allow you to improve your posture by keeping your back straight, but also to relax more easily thanks to their thick cotton padding. Being properly seated, being warm and keeping your mind occupied are the winning trio for relieving a stomach ache.

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